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The truths and facts behind “Prometheus Rising”
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and discover how it will change the world.

Would we want to escape our fate if we knew it?

Conall Hubbert, a future scientist, had built a program that predicted the future. And in its last breath, it prophesied the Prometheus-Scenario. Conall dedicated his life to finding Prometheus, but now that he is closer than ever to the solution of the riddle, global powers and fanatic movements enter the race.

Who will be able to find the person that is rumoured to master time itself?

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Stories make us human. Stories inspire, they touch the deepest parts of our soul and connect us in a way probably nothing else can.

This is my blog, where you get all the information about how my novels are made, plus lifestyle and productivity tips for creatives as well as all things writing related.

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What if the life you’re leading

is nothing but a lie?


Adama is a medic in a perfect Globalized World of 2076. His life is shattered when a group of terrorists kidnaps him to the Outer Areas – a place of anarchy and terror. This, of all places, is where he meets Rahab. A story of pain and secrets leads him to a war far beyond himself. Soon, he finds himself leading a revolution while trying to recover justice and find out the truth about his past.

PROMETHEUS RISING is book one in the dystopian series, with deep characters, epic settings, historical battles and a mixture of sci-fi and archaic elements.

Follow Adama into the cities, to the depths of the wild Outer Areas and into the battles between Prometheus and the gods of his century.


the person behind the books

Diana Wink is a mountain child from the depths of middle Asia, striving to kidnap her readers into make-believe worlds, blend the borders between past and future, and master her own curiosity. In her spare time, she directs movies and rewatches Christopher Nolan films, empowers creatives to tell stories themselves on storyartist.me and explores theatres, cities and wilderness with her bearded dancer husband. They have their base in Germany, but who knows where they are currently to be found?


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